Data Compare-o-Matic – Double Entered Data Comparison in Excel

Data Compare-o-Matic is a simple way to check double-entered data in Microsoft Excel. Double data entry is a technique to guard against data entry errors. Two people enter the same data set into separate documents and the documents are compared for discrepancies in data entry. Data Compare-o-Matic can examine two Excel worksheets and show discrepancies one at a time to the user, who can then either choose the correct value or write-in their own value to correct both data sets. I wrote Data Compare-o-Matic because I couldn’t find a simpler solution for comparing double-entered data in large data sets (i.e. over 100 columns).



  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Displays discrepancies individually
  • Fix discrepancies with a click
  • Write-in your own value to replace values in both tables



  • Microsoft Excel (with macros enabled)
  • Two sets of data arranged in the same order


Watch a video of Data Compare-o-Matic in action!


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Download Data Compare-o-Matic!

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  1. […] So that is how Data Compare-o-Matic came to be. Unlike Copy-o-Matic, which does one thing one specific way, I think Data Compare-o-Matic has utility beyond our research project so I am making it publicly available. You can download it on its own special page on my website. […]

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