24 and 12 Hour Comics

Selective Pressure (2007)

Living robots in space! A last-ditch attempt to save life on Earth is intertwined with a woman\'s own personal growth.

Stuck in and Elevator (2008)

Just take it slow.... Two people are trapped in an elevator and there is no telling when they will get out, or what could happen (spoiler: neither of them are the devil).

The Epic of Karie (2009)

The first comic story I ever envisioned! Ties in nicely with <i>Sparring Partner</i>. Make sure you read the caption for each painting.

Keeley: 24 Hour Comic Character Extraordinaire (2010)

A day in the sometimes-quiet, sometimes-crazy life of Keeley Walker. Plays nicely into the 24 Hour Comic concept.

Sparring Partner (2011)

Two fighters let their guard down. You may want to follow this story with <i>The Epic of Karie</i> if you haven\'t read it already!

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