Mid-Missouri Comics Anthology Deleted Scene

November 29th, 2010

If you haven’t gotten a copy of the Mid Missouri Comics Anthology 2009 at Rock Bottom Comics, you should definitely get it soon! Here I present a page that was left out, which would’ve been the introductory page to my chapter of comics. I drew it over around two hours at one of the Midmococo meetings. It’s done in pencil, except for the 2nd panel, which is partially photoshopped.

The one page introduction pairs two characters from different stories: Karie from Collegetown and The Epic of Karie, and Keeley from her own story. I thought it would be fun for them to introduce my section in character (those who have followed my blogs from 1999 may remember a similar format for my first website!).

I wanted to lower the bar by intentionally making the art bad so the reader would be blown away by the following pages. The editor of the book thought the page was too rough and asked me to at least ink it. By that time I had moved on to working on something else but I had no problem leaving the page out since it would make a fun blog post. And here it is! Click the thumbnail below for the larger version.

Fun fact: the photograph of me in panel two was taken from one of the reference images I took using Photobooth as I modeled a pose for Ray of Sunshine, featured in the Anthology!

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