Lions, Tigers, Pumas, and Chimps

Last year, when I visited the Parque de las Leyendas zoo in Lima, I noted that the lions and tigers had the worst enclosures in the park. I was hopeful that the cats will have better homes soon since the zoo maps indicated that construction for a new cat area was ongoing. Today, the Living in Peru site announced that the mayor of Lima officially opened the new cat enclosures! The new area will house lions, tigers, pumas, and chimpanzees (!). The article states that the new inhabitants can now enjoy lagoons and waterfalls, and visitors can observe the animals through clear walls. RPP Noticias has a few pictures of the enclosures.

The Living in Peru article notes that admission to the zoo is at most nine soles, or around $3.23. I have to say that the zoo is a must-see for anyone visiting Lima!

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