Short Notes from Peru

  • The park across from the hospedaje has been upgraded with a playground and new benches.
  • One of the locals in a nearby minimart, dubbed “Yogurt Man” by the 2007 students, recognized me! We chatted for a bit.
  • To save money I bought 3 liter bottles of water and Fanta and am drinking out of them when I feel thirsty (I save on cups).
  • The neighborhood is business casual, and the majority of men wear collared shirts. The women have more variety in tops, but most wear tight, tight pants (not that I’m looking).
  • The TV in my room has trouble turning on, like and old car. I just found out that if I tap it in the lower left corner, it turns on consistently. I don’t even have to hit the power button!
  • Speaking of my room, it’s hard to find a non-mirrored surface to lean against while I sit on my bed.
  • Today is national potato day. Did you know that this region has over 5,000 varieties of potato? That’s a lot more impressive than the four we get in the US.
  • The Jonas Brothers are playing at the nearby stadium next week.
  • Knight Rider is called “El Carro Fantástico.” The A-Team is called “Los Magníficos.” Smallville is unchanged.

1 thought on “Short Notes from Peru

  1. Barbara Drake says:

    Keith —
    So cool that you met the members of The Three Jacks and the Breffni Irish step dancers on the plane down from Miami. (Thanks for your comments on my blog.)

    We had two wonderful concerts in Lima and raised a lot of money for a medical clinic in Pisco. The band might fly down again to play in southern Peru, so maybe you’ll share a plane with them again.

    Good luck on your project in Peru

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