The concert was so cool! It was very interesting on several levels. The audience was mostly the expatriate upper class, so lots of fancy suits and dresses. Unfortunately that means the crowd wasn’t as rockin’ as the band. I kept thinking of the quote “The people in the cheaper seats clap your hands. And the rest of you, just rattle your jewelry..”

I sat at the far back at first so I could have free reign over taking photos without flashing people in the face with my camera’s display. After an intermission we were invited to fill in the vacant seats up front so I got a few closer shots in.

Link to Flickr: The Three Jacks.
{The full band with dancers}
Link to Flickr: The Three Jacks.
{Shasha Zhang on fiddle and Debbie Duke on bass}

After the concert I got a cab ride home. The cabbie was an older gentleman, and very chatty. We talked about everything from how pretty China is to all the dancing styles in Peru. I ended the night with a Francesa pizza at the Villa Rica, which has ham, mushrooms, tomato, and sliced boiled egg. It was delicious, as usual.

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  1. Barbara Drake says:

    So glad to find your blog. So you’re the guy who was on the plane to Lima with my band members!

    Thanks for coming to the concert and writing it up. We had a great time playing, even if there wasn’t any beer in the hall (not quite a pub crowd, as you note). Next time we will find a more intimate venue — maybe for an after-concert jam session.

    Your work in Peru looks fascinating. I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    –Barb of An American in Lima

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